Ok, so now I need Therapy for my Sports Therapy!

So after checking in and meeting my sweet therapist (or so I thought), they assign you a padded table/bed and the therapy begins.

It starts out all nice and they give you a couple of stretching exercises and then some heat pads and they lull you into thinking “This is great, I get to lie down in the middle of the day and nap”.

AND that’s when it happens.

Out of no where (like a ninja) the sweet therapist goes PSYCHO and starts to beat the crap out of my “I T” Band.

I mean, she is literally standing on the table and pressing/elbowing (like Dusty Rhodes) and kneeing me. (and not in a good way) until I’m crying and begging for mercy.

After I regain consciousness, she smiles sweetly at me and states the obvious “Gee, you are tight”

No Shit, that’s why I here.

Well now psycho ninja therapist recommends some home stretching, another appointment and sends me on my way……….limping.

To be continued.

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