Rough day on the Raven Run, we went north and hit some real soft sand……..AND I’ll let “Take Charge” tell the rest…….If she wants too.

All I can say is she “manned up” and finished a hard run.

64.5 miles down and several new pledges (thanks E & D).

Oh yeah and I got this call last night really, really LATE.

“Yo caca cabeza” (polite way of saying shithead), I just sold my place and I need to move out by FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

And than the classic follow up………..

“I know the market sucks and we have a lot to choose from”


NO you don’t!

If you have not followed my blog; well let me give you a hint, if you think the market is “loose” well it’s ..how can I say this in a nice way?

Oh yeah “Caca Cabeza” it’s not!

Now if you want to live in BFE; yeah your good.
If you want to buy crap that was never worth what it “sold for” yeah your good.


If you think you can waltz in and live large east of US 1……well it’s just not happening.


If you give me a chance……..I can make it happen.

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