On the Twelfth…..

Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me……….Knees.

Just finished my twelfth consecutive run (96.8 miles) and I started early; Ana cooked and I could not wait to get home (Thank you Elizabeth’s on 36th)

Thanks for the early donations…..you all really trust me (Mari and D/D).

Good stuff happening on the Real Estate front, all sorts of predictions for 2010 coming our way from people in the “KNOW”.


They have no f@#ing idea; I read an article from a guru from Moody’s (yeah, like they really have a clue….read “how they valued securities”) saying that the “Miami” market had 33% to give from the medium price of 188K…..

Let me state this again……

33% off 188k…………DUDE HAS NO F@#$%^ CLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I might not be the greatest Realtor in Miami….BUT I do know Miami.
And Miami is REALLY BIG….I mean REALLY BIG.

How big is it Jav…..

Homestead to Aventura; we are one of the largest counties in the world!!!!!!! (big place)

So when these Bozo’s say Miami is going to drop another 33% off the medium price; are they taking into consideration the:
East Naples?
Some really tough hoods?
Empty Condo’s?

Ya betcha…….

So all you “Zillow pros” come on down to “My Miami” and try to buy at 33% off price.

See what the Sellers say…..

It’s going to sound something like this; WTF, are you crazy?

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