Oh no, Not Again…..

So it appears that the Real Estate Bust was just a temporary illusion and the bust just went Boom!!!

It was just a few short years ago when EVERYONE (and you know who you are) said that prices would NEVER, EVER come back up…..Really?

I remember when ALL the Zillow buyers (And again you know who you are) said and I quote “You have to sell me this home at 70% discount, because that is what my “Zestimate” said!”

And I said…..”NOPE”….

But you “Have to” you pleaded.

And again….”NOPE”…..

But….Yes, I have a nice one! (No tengo Abulita)….

But……….OK, look I also have nice toes……So lets get moving on this post.

My point with all these “Distressed” and “Discounted” Buyers was always the same “You may want them to sell it at a discount BUT (there it is again) they don’t have too”

And that my friends is what brought back our market faster then any other in the US…that and loads of “Cash” from ill gotten gains in….well again you know who you are.

We have broken the 500.00 a sq ft Listing price point in Coconut Grove and now every Agent will promise the same to all their potential Sellers.

An Open letter to potential Sellers.

Dear Sellers,
While every once in awhile we will hit a home run and get you an insane number that does not correlate with market trends, we cannot do it every time (think Bernard Madoff….BTW, I was at a wedding with him once). Oh sure we’ll promise that we can….but we can’t; we just want your listing.

A Realtor.

SO listen to reason and know your home’s limitations….and if your Agent does not explain the “Good, Bad and Ugly” of your place….get a new Agent.

Because anyone can “Blow smoke up your…….”

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