Keeping on the Key lime theme from yesterday, October is upon us and things start getting good in Mia-Am-Mee; let’s get in the “fall” mood and celebrate why we put up with the Summer heat and rain.

“While they are freezing up in Buffalo, stuck in their cars, we’re lying here neath the sun and the stars””

Weather changes, Key limes ripen and Stone Crabs make their annual comeback.

Some of you might be aware that I owned a Bakery, so here’s a Classic recipe for the greatest dessert in the world.

You’ll need;

Graham Cracker Pie Crust
One can of Condensed Milk (about 14oz)
4 eggs, separate the yolks/whites (save both)
Fresh Key lime juice

And any form of mixer that you may have (manual/electric).

In a bowl pour in condensed milk and SLOWLY add the 4 egg yolks while you are mixing at a LOW speed.

Now once you have a thicken batter, SLOWLY pour in the Key lime juice while you are mixing at a LOW speed.

The key lime juice is to taste, so start with a little and add juice to your liking.

By adding the juice slowly you will be “cooking” the yolks and creating a firm batter; there is no need to bake this recipe.

Once you have the batter to your liking, pour into Graham cracker pie crust and refrigerate.

Remember the egg whites?

This will be your topping in the form of a “Merengue” and its pretty simple.

Pour whites into a Super Clean bowl (no oils may be present) add some sugar (we use simple syrup) while you are beating at a high speed and until you form stiff peaks.

Top off refrigerate pie with the “Merengue”.

Serve this after a meal of Ice Chilled Stone Crabs with Mustard dipping sauce (I prefer a light garlic infused butter reduction) and really cold, really good Sauvignon Blanc.

See it’s not all about Real estate, It’s just why we live here.


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