Now where was I?

Oh yeah, Kick butt and taking names!

Folks, I’m sold out (of listings) so unless you want me to take my shirt off (this will not be pretty) and start cleaning pools, I need some homes to sell.

I’m not picky, they don’t need to be a zillion dollars each; just some good, solid properties that we can show to qualified buyers.

You may have heard from other blogs/sources that inventory is getting tight. It is and we have settled into a pretty stable market that a lot of agents/folks have not seen before. In the good old days of Real Estate exploitation, inventory came up everyday; now it’s different (wrote about it a couple of months ago).

As I like to say “we can’t just call China and order 300 new places with 2500 sq ft, pool, garage on a 15k lot in south Grove/Gables”. (you can in Palmetto Bay).

BUT the a lack of inventory does not mean that Sellers can start inflating prices (layoff the 400 a sq ft list price folks, buyers will not bite.).

So if you need/want to sell for traditional reasons, give us a call BUT if you “want to test the market”, please call someone else…..I do not have the time.

BTW; Happy Ground Hog Day (and the Woodchuck says more winter, we need a Honey Badger!!!)

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