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As most of my readers know “Jav’s World” tends to be a form of therapy for me. Here I get to rant about stuff that I deal with while doing the Gig that I love and this keeps me sane, focused and probably out of jail.


Since Erica and I work such a large swath of Miami-Dade (and Broward) we tend to see WAY more that your typical “Top Producer” or “Local Expert” or whatever the self centered realtor class is calling themselves these days.

We have decided to add a new section to our site titled “And the Rest of the World” and it will be filled with Real Estate stories offering information and insight into neighborhoods that make up this great big mosquito pit that I call Mee-Am-Mi.

We’ll try to keep away from the typical stories that you can pick up on other Real Estate sites and we’ll do our best to source stories on our own in the hopes of avoiding self serving industry pieces.

“Gee Jav that sounds like a big job, how are you going to manage that and all of your other duties?”

Good question and as some of you know I have a very talented Niece who is an amazing Realtor and fast Typer*

Which means that Erica will be running the show….

Keep an eye out for the change this coming week.

Soon the Rest of the World will be part of “Gotta Jav Miami”


*A “Typer” is someone who types way better than I….which is most folks.

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