Muy Caliente!

OK, years ago I was on Scarborough Country (now Morning Joe on MSNBC) chatting about Hurricanes.

This was after the 05′ barrage and I was asked to participate in this “special edition”.

Below is the actual transcript of the conversation (My editorial comments in italics).

The Lead in;

Famous News Personality; “Never before have so many people lived in such vulnerable places, where many have hardly recovered from last hurricane season. But sun and surf keep realtor Javier Gonzalez (ME) here. He and his wife just bought an ocean-front condo.” (In the height of the market, what a boob)

Me; And (I start with a conjunction because I was signing a Jimmy Buffett tune before, true story) you know that you‘re going to have to deal with some hurricanes. And you‘re going to have to deal with, you know, the kinds of things that they bring. (Like hysterical weather people) But at the same time, you get this 365 days of the year, (clear blue skies) and you‘re going to get maybe one or two bad weeks. (And that’s what this post is about!)

The 1-2 bad weeks comment is not about hurricanes, it’s about what is happening now….August!

It’s Hot!
It’s Wet!
It’s Moldy!
It’s Cheap Tourist season!

Add to the above; Skeeters, Bofo’s and Alien Mushrooms…..and all of a sudden a Hurricane doesn’t look so scary.

August in the Magic city BLOWS (and not in a good way).

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