Lady VS Bus

What I love about my wife’s job is that every so often I get to go to the “Big Manzana” for free and while she works, I loiter in the streets and Museums.

In Museums they have alot of dead stuff; see below.
But what I love best is the Street stuff (sorry no photo) but what I saw was a lady against a Bus.

Here’s the scenario.
Lexington and 51st and it gets a little busy traffic wise so a Bus got caught in the middle of the pedestrian walk way and most folks just walked around the bus BUT not my girl….
She first tried to walk in front of bus, not a good idea as he was trying to get through the intersection and than she did the following.
Screamed at the Driver; who did not hear hear as his window was up.
Gave the Driver the finger; which driving in NY is a gesture of kindness.
Hit the bus with her Bag; which did not leave a dent
Walked towards the back of bus; a good idea
Hit the bus again with her bag; not such a good idea.
Who needs Broadway when you can get all the comedy, drama, excitement for free.
Now as to trying to get tickets to Book of Mormons, there’s a different story…

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