Key Biscayne “Country Club”…

Yo Mas & Beckham and our Self Serving City Commissioner.

You All f@#$% up by going after Melreese when you could have had this View from another Local Public Golf Course…

While I am disappointed that the Referendum passed to allow some really big hitters to Rape the public with a Huge No Bide development deal (with a soccer stadium thrown in for shits & giggles) knowing that it will cause all sorts of Hell for the local Neighborhoods, I do hope that when the Lease comes before the Commissioners that at the very least the 2 who opposed the original proposal will live up to their “Quality of Life” positions and Vote No.

That would show some real Cojones by D1 & D4

Sadly we already know how Boy Wonder voted and we know we can’t count on him for any “Quality of Life” issues Unless….they are across the street from him.

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