It’s Official….

I’m nuts (as if there was any previous doubt) and you all owe the Knight Riders some dough!

3:56.43 finish time for my first Marathon and maybe my last.

Here’s the official time for all of you who think I’m lying; plug in 3690 on the Bib.

Quick recap;
The start is way too early.
Cruise ships are big.
Pinched my brother’s “firm ass” as we passed by….he asked me to.
The Sun rises on the East
We ran by Miami Beach Sr High, why?
The Venetian causeway is pretty and we ran the toll.
There was a really cool cheering station by the Omni downtown.
There are Hookers in Miami.
There are also Strippers/Dancers in Miami…BUT they really can CHEER!!
When the folks who run the half marathon split away from the group, it’s depressing.
We ran by several Publix’s, why?
Mile 16 blows, as does mile 17
Ana fed me on mile 18.5
Mile 19 blows, as does mile 20
From mile 20 to mile 24, I wanted to kill myself but I got a sponge bath instead.
Mile 25, I do not remember.
Mile 26, the SOB’s who organize this insanity add a “Bridge”.

Finish; I looked like Alex the Lion from the movie Madagascar stepping on thorn’s.

But at least we broke 4hrs

We were really going well until I started to cramp up around mile 20 (I had tweaked my calf muscle last week) apparently the Marathon gods knew this and decided that this was a good time to see if I was truly up to the challenge…I was not, I wanted to cry.

With the encouragement of my fellow runner (Riley Smith), I was able to complete the run.

His encouragement sounded something like this;

Jav you OK, you look a little Green”
(More like pale celadon color)

“Man up, we’ve trained for this”
(No we didn’t, trust me I would have remembered this pain)

“Hey.. here comes a bridge, hope you can make it”
(That’s when I felt best, cause it was almost over)

“Look, we’re breaking 4Hrs if I have to drag your ass over the finish line”
(Promises, promises….please!)

He was kind enough to slow down and finish at the same time that I “dragged my ass” over the finish line and for that I thank him.

Good event but you have a couple of screws loose in the noggin…….on the positive side; we get to drink beer for the rest of the day!!

BTW; My open was cancelled….By the Seller; happiest moment of my life.

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