It’s Friday after 5pm…

And I’m still working.

Tomorrow should be an interesting day as I get to hear some great political BS early in the morning….can’t wait!

OK, lets get this started by saying that I do not hold our Real Estate Associations in very high esteem. These would include NAR (National Association), FAR (Florida Association) and my all time favorite MAR (Miami Association).

My main reason is that it’s really sad that you have to “mandatory” participate in these associations to practice a job I really love to do and have to put up with all the condescending dribble from a bunch of folks who have no clue what is happening in the real world of local Real Estate and who for the most part have failed in the real world of local Real Estate……hence why they work at “Associations”…and hence why I have to pay their salaries.

But I Digress, no not really these bozo’s also back idiotic self serving legislative bills that go against the basic interest of their “supposed” members and the “Public” they are trying to protect.

AirBnB has been in the news and in classic “Oh shit we better do something for them”, some Florida Rep has sponsored a bill; HB 425 to be exact and with I am sure a little “Political Love” from the short term rental lobby requesting and I quote:

“Vacation Rentals; Provides that local laws, ordinances, & regulations adopted after certain date may not restrict use of, prohibit, or regulate vacation rentals based solely on classification, use, or occupancy.”

Now for those of you who may not get the big picture in this little paragraph, let me be the one to “splain” the real concern here…forget the vacation rental aspect of the bill but dont forget that the State is interfearing and restricting local municipalities (you know the ones who really run the show) to not allow them to do what is best for their residents.

For shits & giggles lets change the words “Vacation Rentals” too “Invasive Rectal Exams”….

Now how to you like this House Bill????

Best part?

You guessed it, Florida Association of Realtors (FAR) back this baby full on….

FAR needs to “Gotta Jav Miami”

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