"It’s Curtains….

/Drapes/window treatments/decorative patio accessories (HUH) for you Spidey Javi”; or so stated my arch nemesis “Mr. Contractor man”

All I know is that in the end, it’s going to cost your Friendly Neighborhood Realtor (FNR) some dough…guess I should not have called on Saturday.

Over the years, I have lost count of how many Minor roof leaks, floor creaks and over all freaks I’ve taken care of to close deals.

This one rates right along with the best BUT not the BEST!


Sold a place in Palmetto Bay years ago and we get to the closing date walk thru and my customers notice that the hurricane shutters were missing.

I approach the Listing agent and ask ” oye, donde estan los shutters?”

She replies “Ocala”

I respond “Ocala, WTF?”

She calmly explains that the owner was terrified of Hurricanes and took them to their new place in Ocala.

I respond “Seriously, Ocala?”

She “Yup”


Hell any self respecting Hurricane would not waste his/her time hitting Ocala; the only f@#$%^ things in Ocala are horses, bad wine and the KKK……….oh yeah and my Uncle.

True Story.

BTW; all I can tell you is that “Shutters”cost more than “Decorative patio accessories”

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