INVESTMENT? part tres…

When we last left the investment craze we were at TARP (D,R,I)
So we continue:

FEDS step in and “prop up” Lenders; everyone freaks.

FEDS now “tighten” lending guidelines; Lenders stop lending

Renters can’t get a loan; Non Investors can’t get a loan

Real Cash “$$$$” becomes King

Cash Investors start “buying back” what they sold couple of years ago

Renters start renting again

So things are getting back to normal when ….

The Feds needing to “stimulate” the housing market do the following;

Keep Interest rates artifially low, hurting stable/spendable dough (think CD income)

Ease lending guidelines by propping up Fanny/Freddy

Investors keep buying, Renters keep renting


Non Investors now start buying (more on this later)

And this is where we’re at in the Cycle.

Oh did I mention a “real home owner”?

Will in part Quattro….

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