Every time I hear it associated with residential Real Estate my panties get in a bunch.

Real estate expert; “Well you know Tom, your home is your largest investment and as such…..blah, blah blah…..”

Jav; “Ouch, my panties are in a bunch”

Real estate expert; “Blah, Blah…..”

Jav; “Last I checked your home ain’t a Business?”

Real estate expert; “Blah, ZZZZZZZ…….

Jav; “And if it is, you’re nuts”

First question I get from Buyers is “How much will it be worth in 5 years?”

Actually that’s not the first question, usually it’s “You the Realtor?”

After we establish that I’m the Real Estate professional that works in Flip Flops, then I get the question “what’s it going to be worth in 5 years.”

“Beats the hell out of me” is my usual response; I’m not in the fortune telling business.

Those wonderful, overinflated, perfect storm days of 50% increases are over….WAY over; NEVER to be seen again (more on this on a later post)

But what I can tell you is “expect Residential Real Estate to be what it is; very boring unless you live in Hialeah.” (I have pics)

Look folks it’s not an investment, it’s where you raise a family, invite friends over to BBQ’s, visit home improvement stores and envy your neighbor’s lawn; in short it’s where you live.

Down the road when you sell it, chances are you’ll see a net gain but if you factor in “lot’s of Business” stuff, you’ll probably just breakeven.

If you’re into the “lot’s of Business” stuff…………RENT.

To be continued……..

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