I’ma Running………..

OK just to be clear here, this is going to be a completely politically incorrect blog but I thought it was funny….in a politically incorrect way.

So here goes.

Going to a showing early this chilly morning and we stop at a 4 way stop sign in the Grove (this in itself is rare) and we notice some police action.

Why did we notice?

Well, it’s because everyone STOPPED at the 4 way stop sign and they were really polite like in:

“you go, no really you should go, no please you were here first” this just does not happen in Miami……….

All the while “Mr Officer Friendly” (if you grew up in Miami, you KNOW Officer Friendly) was trying to RUN said 4 way stop sign because he was after “I’ma Running”.

Now “I’ma Running” comes hauling ass off the corner of the building, screaming “I’ma Running” (I am not making this up) and in hot pursuit was “Officer Friendly” and this is were we go politically incorrect.

“I’ma Running”……….Dude, you let a “husky” Officer Friendly catch you?????

This guy was in a nice warm police cruiser and you make this guy get out and chase you down the street; in a windbreaker!

Damn Son, you deserve to have Officer Friendly not be so “FRIENDLY” (if you get my drift); now I know why they wear those boots…….

“I’ma Running” is not getting anything from Santa; he was a bad boy.

God I love the Grove!

Oh yeah, I was also “A RUNNING”, to the tune of 169.7 miles and 21 days in a row.

BTW; Happy first day of Winter and did I mention it is going to snow in Miami this year?

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