I’m singing in the rain…………

OK, I’m running in a @#$%^ monsoon!!!!!!!!!!

If you did not see the weather today, it was because you were inside all snug and dry; I on the other hand was running 8 miles (47th st) in a hurricane…………..

Look if I completed mile 137.6 in this weather, you might as well figure that I’m going all the way (31 days/250 miles) and just send the dough now.

Tis the season for giving and you might as well GIVE.

Speaking of giving I want to thank all of those that “TRUST ME” and have already sent in the dough; we’re up to $900.00 so far in hard cold cash and more in pledges.


Real Estate related (speaking of Related…..I feel for them, NOT) I’m Looking forward to the new year and new listings, it’s tight out there.

I know it’s going to be an interesting year in Real Estate as several factors will begin to come into play.

Look for; Interest rate shock, the end of the first time Home Buyer credit and a further tightening of the housing stock as Foreclosures start to come off the market.

Remember, Real Estate is Local and we are already seeing the F/C & S/S tightening.

Seller’s get your product out there ASAP.

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