I’m moving out……

To quote my good friend Billy Joel….

OK he is not a good friend but I have seen him in concert 10 times; So….I’ve seen him more then some of my friends (I don’t facebook)……


Some background;

When I started in this Gig, It was at Grove Properties (Bat Cave one)

When I became the number 1 book at Grove Properties, I needed my own Bat Cave…..so I moved right behind Grove Properties (Bat Cave 2).

When owner of Bat Cave 2 needed to sell…..well I am a good Realtor and against my interest…I sold the home (and Bat Cave 2)…

So what is the Cape Crusader to do?

Go back home?

I did….


Since my “MIL” is coming back to my home next week (Easter, The resurrection!!!)…..I needed to find a New Bat Cave ASAP!!!!!

I did and I am very happy to say that we have a new place…….It’s great, we are out in the open but still special to find.

Want to be part of it?

You need to know the password……….

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