I’m back like a bad rash

Sorry been a while since my first post but I promise to do better and keep my one adoring fan informed.

It’s been unique the past 6 months in Miami (magic city) Real Estate but the world has not ended, properties are trading and in general and I quote “things were better off then I had feared”

My initial post touched on some of the basic things that Sellers could do to sell their properties (it was actually an email that I sent my listings) and those are still true today.

I promised to address Buyers on my next post so here goes…………Be Nice if you want a good home.

This will sound a bit strange but I just sold a property, (yes I sold a property) that the seller did what I recommended in my previous post and lo and behold they received 4 offers with in a matter of 2 months.
Of the 4 offers 3 of them came in with the new buyer/agent attitude of “the market is tanking, your never going to sell, you suck and so forth. One came in saying they loved the home and could see themselves and their family in the home….guess who got the place.

It is NEVER a buyers market, NEVER forget this as I have been in sales for over 30 years and have NEVER seen a buyer have something to sell. If I have something a Buyer wants they will pay me what I ask……allways a sellers market.

So remember what you learned in kindergarden, play nice and you’ll get what want.

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