I T what?

Day three of therapy and the grand realization!!!

After a couple of days running/working out, I head back in to the “Sports Clinic” with a new limp.

After the usual warm up, I mention that I have a new pain unrelated to the old pain that they gave me and it hurts like hell. They give me a quick “Feel” and determine that it’s my Gluteus-maximus (medical term for my BUTT) and that they need to work on it (and not in a good way)

So again, PNT jumps on the table, begins to give me a wedgie and than literally “Kicks my Ass”

But the best is yet to come.

Afterward a young intern has the honor of lazering my new butt bruise; this is as close as a young girl has been to my butt in MANY years, I on the other hand am thrilled!!!

BTW; I think she took a picture and put it on her twitter account (or at least that’s my story).

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