He owes how much????

“10 large” was the lovely young ladies reply.

But all I heard was “your screwed Jav”….

This particular “Reply” came from a Condo Association in SoBe that my client was in negotiations to lease a unit in.
We all had agreed to terms, move in date and were basically ready to go when we were informed that the owner owed the association some dough.

Now this happens all the time in condo rentals but usually it’s a couple of month and we can handle it with a separate agreement but 10k, damn that’s some owing…

Well after some back and forth we cancelled the deal and moved on and in the end it worked out for the best (as it usually does) as my clients ended up with a better unit in a great building for less dough.

Moral of the story?

Before falling in love with a place and writing up a lease, check with the condo association to see where the unit owner is with their assessments.

By doing so you can also see if there is any pending legal action, as the Association usually knows the complete “story” of any given unit.

Too bad I had to be reminded of this, Hell I’m a Condo president….

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