Happy 2011!

May 11′ bring you all peace, love and happiness…(go Skipper Chuck).

We are looking forward to many great things in the new year.

We expect business to continue moving forward; contrary to popular belief Real Estate in the “Magic City” has been very strong.

We feel that with interest rates staying low it’s a good time to buy a home.
Can’t say it enough Kids; TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THESE RATES…they will not last.

A new year allows us to reflect on what has happened and what is in our future.

What’s happened?

Erica has had a great first year; her focus, knowledge and love of this Gig is inspiring.
To all her clients…..you have a good one (make sure you keep her).

Monica (who is SO OVER QUALIFIED to be working with me) has pushed our advertising to a new level; expect lots of fun stuff in the new year…she’s already working on some great ideas.

We have had a strong year with our “surprise & delight” mentality…just cause we take things easy, it does not mean we will not keep our clients interest as our main priority.

In short, we REALLY know what we are doing……just ask.

What’s ahead?

Let’s start by introducing Mike Anderson; he’ll be helping me with new Clients with a focus on So. Miami and Palmetto Bay…..BTW is nickname is “Atomic Mike” feel free to ask why.

Relationships; it’s what we believe in, we are here to help…that’s what we are about..period!

Looking forward to 2011, lots of fun ahead….

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