Gym Membership…

I have the BEST and I mean BEST excuse to get a Gym Membership, it’s called a…..

A “Peloton” stationary bike!

Back story:

Ana and I have been “Spinning” for a very long time (Ana way longer then I) and we thought, “what the hell lets get one of these Bikes” as for the cost associated with it, its worth it.

If you don’t know what spinning is; its sitting on a bike that goes nowhere (where I’m from it would be called broken) and getting yelled at by some psycho instructor WHO BTW is not spinning as hard as you because they are faking it!

Classes tend to be about 45 mins long and in the end you feel like hell, short of breath and you smell bad (at least I do).


Take that feeling and multiply it 10 fold and that’s what you get when you take a “Peloton” virtual class from some psycho instructor who you know is also faking it but you really can’t say anything because they are in New York (in a “studio”) and you are in your home ( in a “garage”) close to death.

Yeah, I know that some super duper athlete is going to say “Jav, man up” and “You should be able to do 70 resistance at 90 cadence and produce 400 output” and I stopped listening as I just passed out….

True Story.

I have a client who owns one and when we were chatting and I mentioned that I had gotten one and it was pretty cool which they replied “Do you find it very hard to keep up with the classes” and I said yeah, they are tough.

Which they countered “because we can’t even get past 40 resistance and we thought ours was broken and had it exchanged but the new one is still hard as hell”.

So why the title of Post?

The other day Ana and I wanted to work out and we looked at each other, looked at the bike……

And we went to the GYM!

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