Grove Waterfront?

Folks have asked me “Why the hell are you running for Village Council, don’t you have enough to do?”

My answer is always; I love what I do as a Realtor; I help folks out and I solve their problems when Selling or Buying their homes….so why not do the same for all the Grove, by helping out and solving problems (it’s what I’m good at….really).

“Jav, you know people will be bitching and screaming at you?” they usually add.

So what, I live with my Mother in Law…and she is always screaming at me….(it’s because she can’t hear)…but I’m use to the crazy’s…

Kids in short I’m a big boy, I can take it and look forward to being part of the council.

Ok what else?

Ah.. yes why you should VOTE NO on Grove Bay Harbor Project.

Forget all the noise about the process, the lack of bids, the general poor communication of the whole thing not to mention the Ballot language. “Donde esta Retail?”

Lets just be good Realtor’s;
We Represent the Landlord (or Lessor to make it more official) and in this case the Lessor is the City of Miami (yes that is your Client).

Here’s the lease that you have been presented to execute BUT REMEMBER you as a Realtor are trying to get the best deal for YOUR client. (that would be the City)

Here’s the OFFICIAL LEASE (REALLY), take a look and remember you represent the City.

So would you let your client sign it?

This is easy, quick recap;

Here’s the deal, 1.4 mil a year for 7 acres which adds up to 4.59 a ft

Prime waterfront property at 4.59 a ft, How we come up with that?

1.4mil /7 acres (304,920 sq ft) = 4.59 AND a funny story here, take a look at what was just written by Riley on is blog The Real Estate Coconut today.

Gee…Plain, simple old Grove dirt is selling for 50.00 a ft and climbing (trust me waterfront is WAY more and oh yeah I was the last person to sell dry land at 50.00 a ft in the Grove)

OK Let’s do the math folks and remember I went to public schools….

304,920 x 50= whoa….

That’s 15,246,000 as in Fifteen MILLION….(for Dry Land)

“BUT Jav, Isn’t this Commercial land and Isn’t that worth more?”


“How much more Jav?”

“Between 200-300 a ft”

And Right about here you look over to your client (The City) and say


Guess what folks, if you say yes to the vote…they will say yes to the lease.

VOTE NO, really there is no hurry on this and we can do better.

BTW; Waterfront property is at 600-700 at ft……but my public school math does not add that high….

Yes it does…… 

Sure you want to know what your client is signing away?


Here it is…..



to be continued………

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