Good to be the King…..

To all those folks that just LOVE political conspiracy theories (especially bloggers in this town), I have a great one for you!

As some of you may have heard I was elected to the Coconut Grove Village Council (CGVC) and as part of our organizational meeting I was elected Chairperson.

With this title comes great responsibilities BUT I did not know that it came with PERKS!!!!

True Story….

Yesterday I here a ruckus in my front yard (Not Santa) and when I go out to check there is a road crew park across the street. I look a little further and they are “freshening” up my street corner.

I mean new paint, reflectors, white lines, the works and when I asked the workers who were completing the job “what else they were doing”

They replied “Nothing else, just this corner”


Or Payoff?

Plot thickens…………….

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