Found One!

On your left is our new weekly “menu” board.

After an extensive search of about 2 minutes (hey I’m a busy Dude) on the internets, I was able to download it, manipulate it and post it. (I’m sure Microsoft will be calling soon)

As explained on a previous post, each week we will look a section of Miami (The Magic City) and update that area/section with real Real Estate info….or at least what I think is real.

If you follow my site/blog you should have realized by now that I think Real Estate is pretty much about Location and the Folks who Buy / Sell it and not about the product that they buy and sell.

Product is the same everywhere, some pretty, some not but at the end of the day it’s concrete/wood and lots of shiny stuff….and apples to apples all that stuff cost the same.

So enjoy the Stats (they mean nothing) and pretty pictures and rest assured that if you like the Home you are purchasing you are pretty much over paying……it’s just the way it is.

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