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Some Background on how Real Estates websites work and than I’ll get to the post.

In this Gig we have something called “listing” agents and these agents “list properties” for sale and once you “list a property” on the MLS it is picked up by every website in the world…..really.

Now these websites, you will know some of them. i.e. Zillow, Trulia (one in the same BTW), Redfin, etc…and they will “sell” my listings to other agents IF I do not pay for some form of “protection”.

Think I’m lying?

Do a search right now on any property and see if on the quick you know who the true listing agent is?


One site that you would think protects Realtors from this type of deception would be a website fueled by Realtors, endorsed by the National Association of Realtors and even has Realtor (trademarked) in its name.

Yup, you guessed it that site would be “Realtor.com”…..well you would be wrong!

Now the Post….

So this is a phone call I just got and I am quoting.

Hi Jav, this is your account rep from Realtor.com and your “enhanced” listing package is expiring tomorrow and want to know if you are re upping.

Me: Same price, 140.00 a month?

AR: No the new package is now called “Mobile Enhanced” (or something like that) and it allows for …Blah, Blah, Blah…and it “protects your listings” and Blah, Blah Blah and it cost 189.00 monthly.

Me: So why the increase?

And here is where the extortion begins….

AR: it’s based on your listing performance and your listings are up, congrats!

Me: So let me get this straight; If I am successful and I want to protect my own listings from being sold by you to other Realtors I have to pay more?

AR: uh….yeah?

Me: So to be clear, I am being extorted by a company operated for the benefit of the National Association of Realtors to which I pay a yearly due?

AR: uh…sort of??

Me: Sure why not sign me up!!!


Ten minutes later I get this call because I think my “account manager” just realized that me may be an enforcer for NAR.

AR: Jav, I got you a promo code that will reduce your price, hope that helps “Bud”.

Want to know what the promo code was?

If you were thinking “NAR finding ways to F@#$% you daily”…….you would be close but wrong.

The promo code was “bundling” another Realtor product (Top Producer) that I don’t use….for get this “my benefit”.

I thought Zillow & Trulia were the worst….nope our very own association condones the very same thing AND we have to pay for it…now these guys are really Pro.

I can’t make this shit up!

I don’t think NAR want’s to “Gotta Jav Miami”

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