December 2004!

This time of year brings out the “Start a New” in me and yesterday we started “a newing” and came across some old ad’s from way back when. (note to other Realtors, you may want to take new photo’s) and for gigles we are going to run some of them on the site in the next couple of months.

The One on your left was run as a “Holiday Thank You” done in December 2004.

I chose the front door of several homes that I had sold that year, the concept (even back then) was that I sold/listed everywhere in Miami-Dade and you could count on us to be there for you.

Well several years and lot’s of doors later we are still selling Miami-Dade (Number 1 Remax team) and we are still here for all of our customers.

So a big “THANK YOU”, lots of good stuff coming in 2012.

BTW; I will tell each doors story this month, a couple of really funny ones…..starting with Silver Bluff.

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