“Chopping” Center

“Chopping” in English is “Shopping” and we just picked one up to manage.

Now the reason its a Chopping Center is that it’s located on Flagler and nothing against my people but DAMN guys Chopping?


Now it is a special place where all the stores pretty much sell the same thing and my favorite one is a “Cuban Woolworth” without the soda fountain. It sells and in no special order; cell phones, shoes, tee shirts, fake jewelry, perfume, has an ATM, takes food stamps and I am not making this up… Trips to Cuba!!!


When I had my Retail Bakery in Hialeah, it was basically the same tenant mix as this Chopping center but we had a liqueur store at the end which made for special mornings in my shop. When I first got the bakery, one of the more “colorful” characters that worked for me would at 6am order “aspirin” from one of the “satellites” that hung out during the early hours.

So what is a Bakers “Aspirin”?

A six pack of beer and a “Satellite”?

A person that revolves around other people without really doing anything…

Both Staples in a “Chopping” center!

Miami….you just GottaJav it.

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