Canine CSI……..

Who says a Realtors life is mundane……………

Crime goes like this:

Get an early morning distress call from from one of my listings, customer was out of town and when they get back this is what I hear; “The back door was wide open and one of the dog is gone!!!!!!!!, the cops are here and they want to talk to you”

Background on the Crime:

I had a showing there earlier with some high ranking “Federalies, they took a lot of photos and left. We lock up and close the electric gate.

MY Response:
“Holy Shit…. well there goes that listing”

BTW; I’m that character in the show who you know did it………………Ah, but wait (and after a couple of commercials) there is a plot twist that saves your local neighborhood Realtor.

Plot Twist:

A family member had been in the home after my showing and claims that Dog was there when they left later that evening.

External factors:

There was a hellacious storm that evening after they left.
Blood on the floor.
Doggie throw up by the open door.
Screened in patio intact.
Electric gate closed.

Now let’s review:

2 dogs in locked home at night.
1 dog in home, one dog gone in the morning.
Cops are called, a search is initiated.

What happen?
Season ending cliff hanger….NO, I’ll tell you tomorrow.

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