Caca happens

or not…Ah the glamour of being a Realtor.

Yeah, you see all of those shows on Cable TV and the Realtors are rolling with celebrities and discussing updated kitchens and baths.

What they don’t discuss is what happens in those really nice bathrooms… bathroom “stuff ” and where all that “stuff” ends up in.

In this great town that we call Mee-am-mi, there are alot of areas that use septic tanks to hold the “stuff” until the “stuff” is ready to be pumped out and disposed of……and here, I have no clue as to where this special place is (but it does smell like some SK’s).

So one of the highlights of selling a home in this great town is the septic tank inspection……and what one might find.

It’s a special moment when the septic dudes open the lid and pronounce with great pride……”yep there’s “stuff” in there, want to pump it”?

But when you hear “oh, this “stuff” don’t look good” then prepare to spend 10k to get your “stuff” a new home.

BTW; I’ve seen enough “stuff” to gag a mule….among other things.

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