BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!

Outside of the fact that I am RICH; I have an announcement that should shake the very core of this town………………(I tell you in a minute).

As to why I am rich; over the last couple of days I have been contacted by and in no particular order:
Jeffrey Moloko (highly confidential)
Mr. Glory Ballack (from Barkleys)
Ken Brown (next of kin)
and this very morning I was contacted by The Honorable Daniel Dokie………

They have offered me all sorts of CASH which will come in handy as my big announcement is………..

The check cleared and I have been acknowledged (it was in the Herald so it must be true) that I can officially run for…….

Coconut Grove Village Council (or idiot).

So Get ready kiddies, I am running for public office; more in later post.

Now I’m off to the bank to see if they have wired the funds………

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