Almost Famous!

Last couple of weeks have been mucho good for Your Friendly Neighborhood Realtor (Sorry Spidey) and there has been some “Press” interested in speaking with yours truly.

First I closed on someones home last week that is supposeed to be a big wig in this town/state/nation and someone from the press called me to comment on the sale.

Went like this;

Jav’s phone; “Hi, this is Javier, please leave a message”

Someone from Press; “Hi Javier, heard you sold Big Wigs place, care to comment?”

Jav’s phone; “……………..”

Someone from the Press story the next day;

“RE/MAX’s Javier Gonzalez, who represented the undisclosed buyer, could not be reached for comment.”

Ok, so I missed that one, no biggie because at the same time…

Someone from the Herald was checking out my new listing that I sold (in 2 days, with 6 offers…pat on back because I don’t have an Abuelita) and she was going to write about it.

My quote for the piece?

“Don’t use the Address, nor Sellers name in the story”

So pick up a copy of the Herald this week (any day cause I have no clue when it’s running) and see if I said anything else.

Sorry, got to go the Today show is on line 2……

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