AH we are ALL going to Die!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, just getting you ready for Hurricane season.

Yes it’s almost here and soon we will have all the local weather people (cause I can’t spell Meteorologist) looking grave and concerned on the tube.

It will start by them telling you what type of “Season” we will have and it will sound something like this:

Well we are currently in a “El Nina” year which typically means that we are in for a wet season but since there is a chance that a short “El Nino” will meet with a “Tu Madre” upper level low we could see one hell of a “Papi Chulo” season……..

In short they have no Freaking clue.

Oh and they always quote some dude in Colorado; Colorado, what the hell do they know about Hurricanes……NADA.

Well, he’ll come on and start by saying and I quote “well I’m expecting an active season with 17 name storms with 4 being classified as major”

Which sounds pretty impressive if t wasn’t for the fact that it’s like saying “it’s going to rain in Kendall every afternoon this Summer”……..

No Shit!

So as a public service and starting today I will give you my top ten “tips” to surviving the Season starting with;

TIP 10: Take whatever the weather people say, divide it by 3 and that’s what you should prepare for, most of them are just pretty and hope to end up on a soap opera.

So stop watching “newbies” running to Home depot to buy plywood and water (oh don’t get me started with buying WATER) and use this site (it’s on my favorites list) they will keep you informed without the Drama.


But for Drama, stay tuned……

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