WTF….It’s November!

Apparently it’s the end of the year and I think I may have missed a few things over the Summer/Fall with me being all political and stuff.

BUT the Rain and Heat has not been one of them….

Traditionally this heat/rain thingy is a Summer event, which is when “Mee-am-mi” has a rash of Rich Dude flight. All the white dudes head to their “mountain” cabins in places that “you can’t there from here” and all of my people head to Harbour island (No clue why) but each and everyone of them returns for the glorious fall weather that we are famous for (or in time to see the Dolphins begin another losing season).

Which brings me to WTF….it’s November and It’s raining buckets, it’s hot as hell and the mosquitoes are out in full force.

But I have good news for all of you folks who have been “rusting”, we are about to go into at least a 3 month drought starting next week.


Come on, by now you know I control the weather and this coming week in a fall tradition of my own I will lay grass in my yard so that when all the Cuban “Pilgrims” come to eat turkey (we also eat turkey, not pork like you were thinking..racist) our yard will look really nice.

But since Grass needs water………no rain for at least 3 months.

You are welcome.



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