Big Brother???

Now first and foremost I DO NOT endorse going out in the middle of a Hurricane BUT in my defense I have a 4 wheel Jeep with really big tires (this is still not a smart thing to do), so of course when I mentioned it to Ana she said sure why not!

We did a quick little jaunt around the hood (one of our neighbors was out walking around, so I did not feel as manly as when I first decided to go out) and saw this, which means that we will have no power FOREVER…..

Next door neighbors house, power line down….

And if you were thinking of using Le Jeune Rd to go buy beer after the storm passes….think again.

This is a BIG ASS Ficus….

BUT it gets better….

So when I get home I get a call from the Police Commander asking why the HELL was I on the road…..Kinda of freaked me out that somehow he knew I was out…..

Cops love to “Gotta Jav Miami”

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